2020 – Year End Note From Us To You

When 2020 began, many individuals and organizations had high hopes for the new year ahead with various plans and goals aimed at being achieved.

It did not take long before all the positives were compromised with the outbreak of COVID-19 in February/March 2020 – placing the world in a very unstable state, with many lives getting directly and indirectly affected by Corona Virus.

A few months later, almost all industries have been impacted severely – with regulations being placed in every aspect of society as an attempt to assist mitigate and lessen the widespread of the virus.

Today, millions of people around the world have been forced to adapt to the new order – either by working or studying from home and/or online. As a small organization, we have made means to comply to the new norm accordingly by restructuring some of our operations and by the introduction of new policies to be launched within the new year (2021).

To every member, client, partner and associate that has been with us from the beginning – we thank you significantly for all your contributions and ongoing support towards Livecalm Africa.

As we approach a new year, again we look forward to making the best out of it and this will require proper strategizing and COVID-19 regulation compliance in all respects.

We will be announcing various positives within the first few months of 2021 so do stay put and enjoy the ride.

From our family to yours, we wish you a Happy New Year ahead. Please stay safe and protected.