#90sBlockParty in partnership with Spacebound Ent / @LxrdLvee Birthday Celebration 2014

This event was one of the first of many that caught many by surprise. It took place on Florida Rd. at a venue known as Uber Zulu. One of the reason we chose this venue was its limited space for the type of event we were planning to do. We had this 90’s theme / idea, and we somehow had to infuse it with a birthday celebration. Through genuine teamwork with Spacebound, we executed the plan perfectly.

We had food and drink specials, clothing stalls by Impilo KaLova and more, as well as performances by Jaybee noNhlege, DJ Feel, Stanky, Maverick Mali, NAG and many more.

The event was so crowded that the cops closed us down around 2:30am. Much love goes to everyone that made 90’s Block Party special and successful, we appreciate your love and support.

The Name of this event changed in 2016 to #Backtothe90’s and we hosted the event independently without partners.