Booking Agency Announcement

It’s that time of the year where we get to announce all of our new Booking Agent contract signees/partners.

Over the years, the Booking Agent service has been singled out as one of our most productive service. This is due to the fact that the service is broad and covers a wide range of industries – not just creative media work.

Previously, this service included Artist Management and Digital Distribution. We had to replace these services with Booking Agency as a result of amendments to our business model in January 2018. Since than, we have opened a significant number of doors and we have created a lot of lucrative business relationships.

Another important factor to note is that – since our form of the Booking Agent is not limited to artists work only, through the service, we are now able to cater for and also cover a wide range of professionals such as: DJs, photographers, stylists, graphic
designers, video directors, property-owners and developers, dancers, web developers, other business owners,  + . . .

With a big demand and a large number of submissions for the service, we had to bring the numbers down to 6 after we had made the necessary selections.

Unfortunately for 2019, we are only limited to 8 new signees:

(1) Aceburg Properties – a property and website management company

(2) KZN Coastal Transport Services – a company offering transport solutions to Staff, Production Teams and Artist Management Companies

(3) Chrisoul Inactive – Afro House Producer/DJ

(4) Vinci – Rap Artist

(5) Rhu11 – Gqom Artist & Entrepreneur

(6) Ms. Andii – Hip Hop Artist

We would like to congratulate the above individuals and companies for their new venture with us. We would also like to encourage ALL/ANY interested persons to keep those submissions coming in.

We will be featuring separate articles for each new signee during the course of July 2019. Thank you and don’t forget to share this article!

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