Erick Rush x Culture Shock Artwork, US Collaboration

After weeks putting together different ideas for a Graphic Design service request, it brings us great joy to finally present the deluxe album artwork for Culture Shock (An Immigration Story), a masterpiece commissioned for Canadian based artist and friend Erick Rush.

Recognized around the world for a unique catalogue of songs and features, it was only right for our Head of Design @thatis_lungstar to produce something special that’ll represent Erick’s background while maintaining the concept behind the album. 

Album Background:

In a brief interview with Rush, he explained the concept of the artwork as follows,

  • “The concept for the album cover was Culture Shock. I grew up moving around and living in different cultures so Culture Shock was a constant thing with me. I wanted to make a cover and showcase my experience of Culture Shock”.
  • “The cover also has two photos of me to show the duality of life and cultures. The cover at first glance looks busy and full of images but this is how I envision culture shock. Culture shock is busy and full of different cultural influences”.

Overwhelmed to be part of bringing this collaboration to life.
CULTURE SHOCK (An Immigration Story) is now available across digital platforms 🇿🇦 🇨🇦