Around this time last year, we sparked off a very exciting work relationship through our website service with the Ntokozo Makoba Research and Consulting organization ( led by Dr. Makoba.

The company is set out to be at the forefront of providing the cutting-edge intelligence (including consulting, research, skills, information, and resources) to organizations as well as postgraduate students which enable them to reach their full potential and in achieving their goals.

Our relationship with Dr. Makoba has been very close from the time the consulting agency requested our website service. One of the main reasons behind this is based on the business nature of In order for the main objectives of the organization to be met efficiently, it was necessary for us to work hand in hand with the Director of to ensure that the newly developed digital platform serves the purpose it was created for effectively.

Visit the newly updated digital home to find out more about the organization and its objectives via: 🌍

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