Media Management

Creating awareness is one of our strongest point and here we focus on developing businesses, brands and products, property, influencers as well as artists. Other services falling under our media management service include:
– Marketing; and Booking Agency


Our marketing team focuses on both on-field (direct) marketing and digital (online) marketing. We engage in various initiatives and utilize unique methods on the field and online. A few on-field activities include: creative
advertising and solutions; public mall, traffic-robot, and college activations; distribution of branding; +
Online, we make use of different tools to target audiences such as sponsored adverts, google adverts, SMS portals, mailing lists, promoters, blogs, our website and other online marketing platforms. Depending on the client, we can also go to the extent of publications such as radio, TV and various print media platforms.

The list found at the of the page highlights the list of artists we have worked with previously either through artist management or booking agency. Through genuine teamwork, the assistance of close associates and with the help of the artists themselves, they have shared stages with exceptional performers and DJs such as MONIQUE BIRGHAM, JOEY BADA$$, AKA, FEEL, MAGGZ, KWESTA, +


PREVIOUSLY, this service included artist management and digital distribution. Today, the scope of the service is much broader and we have fully replaced artist management with Booking Agency. The service has assisted us in developing our business model to a more flexible and interactive one, granting us access to work in different industries without stepping on the toes of laws, regulations and policies. The booking agent service operates in a way that is not limited to assisting artists solely, but also covers a wide range of professionals such as: photographers, video directors, stylists, graphic designers, shuttle owners, property agents, dancers, DJs, +

We are your ‘go to negotiators’ when you are in need of the above mentioned professionals or services executed by the above mentioned professionals.


On the 2nd of May 2016, we were the marketing team responsible for handling the debut music release of hip hop group ‘Palmtree Paradise’ titled Unbelievable via ETV Morning Sunrise Show. Not so long after the songs release, it was well received by radio stations and was successfully playlisted on various stations including: YFM, TransAfrica Radio, Gagasi FM, Metro FM and many other local stations.
In 2017, we assisted Aljazeera English TV in covering a very interesting documentary on Gqom music and Gqom pioneers, Rude Boyz.
Around mid 2018, the team assisted close associate Bjoern from WOZ Die Wochenzeitung (a Swiss German-language weekly
Newspaper) documented a very informative article that covers various insights and provides a wide overview of Gqom, culture and Durban’s dance scene and puts you in the front seat of Bjørn’s experience while here in South Africa that year. The article also touches on a conversation he had with the Queen DJ LeSoul and Artchild.

Currently, we are working with Vinci, Chrisoul Inactive and Ms Andii under the booking agency service.

Below is a list of all the artists we have worked with, either through artist management or booking agency:

– DJ LESOUL (16’- 18’)


– NELZ (18’)

– RUDE BOYZ (17’- 18’)

– ARTCHILD (18’)