Music While You Wait (EP) by Vinci ZA

On the 15th of August 2020, @vinci_za gave us his latest musical offering titled #MusicWhileYouWait (EP) which features a collection of 4 songs. Since then, the project has been doing quite well and has been featured on various supporting online platforms as well as podcasts including AMBUSH and Sludge Underground where Vinci gets to breakdown the various concepts and ideas behind the project. 💽👨🏽‍🎤

Upon hearing the project the first time, one gets to fill in the artist’s shoes and takes on a music journey exploring various thoughts and experiences Vinci gets to share throughout the course of the EP.

As we approach a new month, we look forward to releasing the first official music video from the EP directed and edited by the family @cinematic_content. Be sure to give the project a listen and share your feedback on the artists social media pages 📜🌍

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Sludge Underground interview:

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AMBUSH interview