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Ending the month of March in great fashion, we sat down with Lindelani –  Durban based Entrepreneur and Car Dealership Owner to get an insight of his journey as a young entrepreneur and hope that his story reaches many who can get assisted by him and his services. 

We had our lead MC @GroovyMave hosting the interview, and also had our photographer @iamkingpvnda taking a few snaps to give you a visual setting of our meet up. Enjoy. 

1) Who is Lindelani Cars?

– Lindelani Masondo, born and bred at Hammersdale, currently residing in Pinetown.

2) What do you do?

– I am a young entrepeneur. My main business is in the automotive space.

“i am what you would call an autobroker or a call dealer”, thats what I do.

3) Is this your own business?

– Yes, it involves the buying and selling of cars, we also provide services that assist in structuring deals for finance and so forth – the name of the company is Cars Enquire. I do, however, have other business interests as well.

4) Such as?

– The transport industry.

“As you can see the relationship with cars is very big”

Im also making my way into Logistics, but my main business and main focus is in the automotive space.

5) Just to get a young background on you, when were you born? Also, from growing up in Hammers, and now being a full entrepeneur, what did it take for you to become so influencial  and what was your process for Growth?

– ” ilokishi is a very big part of me, I spent most of my childhood elokshini”

Even my teenagehood  was spent predominantly there, till this day, ngiwumuntu wase lokshini, wase kasi. Coming from the townships, theres not alot of opportunities available ekasi, so kuyapoqa that you have to look outside, uzicabangele ukuthi ungahlanganisani nani, yabo?

I am actually looking into opening a few ventures khona ekasi, supplying certain services khona elokshini. Reason being, thers alot of gaps where im from, Hammers is not as big as Umlazi or KwaMashu, indawo encane, and theres opportunities for business, demand for basic services – so I am looking into that as well.

6) Thats great! Now its boils down to this . . . What inspired you to, because I heard you use to be a DJ . . . Where did the inspiration come from shifting from that type of field, to owning your own transport businesses?

– So basically, the background that I come from, surprisingly, is from a home of entrepeneurs, or rather, I was raised by a businessman. From a young age it was always what I wanted to do . . . so yeah . . . I was a DJ at a point and time and music is still a big part of me, but, doing what I am doing now is something that I HAD to do, especially the car aspect . . . My father was running the only black-owned car dealership la ethekwini. So thats where the cars come in . . . you know . . . I just had to be associated with cars at some point.

7) First black-owned car dealership in Durban?

– Yes, I believe so.

7.2) Thats very interesting because I have not yet met a black owner of a dealership.

– the market is occupied by all races, however, there is a limited number of blacked-owned delaerships . . . so we’re one of the very few.

8) Do you think that gives you an advantage (in the industry) or does it give you a disadvantage?

– Predominantly, when you look at iTheku (Durban), abantu abaningi is Us, we hold the most of the population, so I believe  there’s an advantage and I am attempting to take advantage of that currently, as I am busy sorting out my own space and reopening a dealer la eThekwini.

I am hoping I get some form of support from our own kind  . . .

9) In terms of starting up your business, and you getting the necessary funds, did DJing help you? or were there other things that contributed or played a part?

– its started in matric, I was searching for what I was going to be doing after Matric, because I wasn’t planning on furthering my studies. 


10) Were you not interested in studying?

– It was not in my plans, immediately . . . to go and study.

My first business required little funding, it was a simple website where dealers could advertise they cars, it was basically similar to your Cars.co.za and your Auto-Traders . . .

So thats where it all started, we approached dealers . . . websites need minimal funds, so I think we neede like R5000 – R15000. My partner was developer, so things were even easier.

Since I come fro m a backgriund that has history and relationships with dealers, approaching dealerships was made abit easier as well as getting them to support our businesss. So yeah, thats the small business that helped me into making who I am becoming today.

(i) Because we were in contact with a few dealers;

(ii) they paid monthly subcriptions

and we saved to a point were we could buy our own cars and actually redirect the leads from going to the dealerships to coming to us and now we structure the deals and we send them back to to the delaership.

11) Do you feel like, like you said, you thought about this before you left matric . . . like, for other kids, how would you advise the in terms of joining the industry?

– 100%, I believe theres alot of space and opportunities, you know, there’s more to it than just being  salesman . . . if you already have an entrepenuer spirit and atittude, you can start somewhere, and get it going for you.

Also, its not just the selling of cars, theres also fixing / repairs done for cars – theres plenty room for anyone to look into.

12) As black people, when we think of automotive buisnesses, we think of . . . of . . . even for the kids, they’ll automatically think mechanic or driver related jobs/work, and to see people like you, in play in this industry, as young as you are, its very inspiring.

The youth has a great example to look up to, with your assistance. Also, being in your position, you have an opportunity to share a few crucial things with the youth . . . a few points,

I would also like to know, with this industry, is there a way you feel like it can improve, you know? A way you feel it can improve to make it better for the young kids that see themselves in your shoes 1 day?

– 100% – Theres so much room for improvement.

no. 1: I believe that educating the people on how to buy a car is key. . .

alot of people dont know the process of buying a car, they thinks its a matter of walking in and uthenge like uthenga iyicathulo. So without say, no. 1 will be the aspect of teaching people on how, especially for the new people, iyouth, umuntu uqeda evarsi and get they job but they’re not informed on how to buy a car . . .

There’s alot to look into, like getting your credit right; and conduct of bank accounts and so forth. I believe there are things schools dont really teach, as I know alot of people tend to want to buy cars, and go to the dealership and end up getting declined and disappointed.

13) That’s actually a valid point, you raised there, I saw your slogan for Cars Enquire, ‘owning a car made possible’, thats a great key . . . How does Cars Enquire really help out in securing a car purchase or rather, in owning a car?

– I believe one thing that sets us apart is the fact that we actually look after our clients, we care for each and every person that walks in our dealership. I think thats a better way of putting it because, if uyahluleka ukuthenga imoto, may be today, we assist you by advising you to do one two and three, and even maybe maintain following up with our client and will be with our client throughout the process with our guidance. We also have an additional role we play (financial guidance), we also help pull some strings in making you become a vehicle owner. Most delaerships one enters, if you get declined, you walk out and akekho ozokucenga – nobody is gonna chase after you or infom you on alternatives. Some people, that really want cars, I’d say that we take care of them.

14) That’s actaully a great point brother, is there anything else that you’d like to add maybe?

– I think, probably, to the youth, and to the young guys . . . no. 1 is discipline and focus, I think these 2 things can get you very far in whatever it is that you want to do or achieve. It is actually possible to reach where you want to be, I am not saying I am there where i want to be, theres so much I am aspiring to be, one thing is know though is that its all in your focus and discipline – and knowing that iskhathi saba ngani and now iskhathi sespani (work) and seperating the two.

Also, having a relationship for business and friendships, knowing how to balance the two. So yeah, discipline and focus are some of the few concepts I’d like to expressly share with our youth.

For more info about Cars Enquire, visit/call: www.carsenquire.co.za 🌍
064 757 4193

Additional Info:

Physical Address – 210 Anton Lembede Street, Durban, 4001 – occupying the space as of 01 May 2019 (renovations for the first month, officially operating as of June)