‘Thinkin About You’ – A New Musical Offering by Durban’s Very Own, Vinci

“Thinkin’ About You” is an interlude song taken off an upcoming project titled “Look At What You Made Me Do” by Vinci, which explores the High’s & Low’s of change and the costs of Loss & Heartache on one’s character development.
This song takes on a mellow, dark & nonchalant approach towards the listener with melancholy and sometimes abrasive lyrics, rooted to the honesty provided by every lyric.

The production from Datboykev giving a soothing nostalgic ambiance, with Vinci’s flow and cadence compelling the listener to be immersed in the whole song. The topics explored in the song are self-inflicted addiction caused by various ill elements, heartache & depression, the need for mental stability & emancipation, police brutality, & the cries for help that fall on deaf ears.

Presented by L.O.S.T RvBxLs in partnership with The Livecalm Lifestyle. Enjoy loudly, share & don’t forget to listen with your heart.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/vincidbn/thinkin-about-you
Audiomack: www.audiomack.com/song/vinci-8/thinkin-about-you
Grouped: https://ampl.ink/gqY1V 

Instagram: vinci_za
Twitter: @vinci_za
Facebook: Vinci 

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Lyrics Available Below:

I’m looking at you, you deserve a penthouse view.
I’m looking at your body, I wanna race you up the stairs.
Woah, I couldn’t even help but stare.
Stay with me, don’t leave like you wasn’t even there. (I’m Thinkin About You)
Even if it’s just the hardest thing to do.
If you really even knew, what you think I even want if it’s not you.
Talk to me nice and help me sleep.
The darkest of nights have had me weak.

I really wanna tell you that I’m doing good.
But I’m couped in my thoughts smoking backwoods.
Because there’s something in my mind that don’t sit good.
It’s like this hurting makes it easier to sin good.
Thoughts have been piling it’s crazy, I’m having rude of awakenings.
It’s like I wake up everyday hit a brick and I lay it, somehow I still find it in me to take these vocals and lace em.
Most of these songs I must admit been so awfully evasive.
Send location, I switch it off.
Been dabbling in addictions this my curtain call.
I write songs never right my wrongs.
Palm sweaty as I’m writing on.
Like broken levy’s when it rains, and you’re praying on the break of dawn.
I’m still praying on.
Hope my patience still equates to calm.
I’m one you hate that you’ve been sleeping on.
I’m sensitive to all relations I’ve been breaking off, can’t afford to be soft.
Is it, the right time to show you all of me?
Put it on a platter and show you demons that’s haunting me?
Prolly way too early I’m slowly losing my company, but I can’t call em mine coz they want me hung like an ornament.
I pour up, then I get slow abit.
Trying to stomach the traffic that’s on my mind and shit.
Ugh, I should really be on my minus shit.
They don’t like me coz the truth is what I’ll hurt you with.
Dogs barking in the hills, cops running on the block and they will hurt you quick.
That’s if you’re black it’s a racial thing, you’re trap initiated need mental emancipation before they take it.
They told me keep on waiting I’m creating it.
Told me this my life and I debated it.
Told em I ain’t changing up for anything.
Straight up lost ballads that’s on everything, I’m married to the music hundred thousand for the wedding ring. (Gone)