Vacancy Zone

Welcome to our Vacancy Zone.

This is where we will publish all potential job opportunities aimed at developing our communities and giving the youth work experience in the creative world. 

We are a driven team that appreciates creativity and hard work within the work space. We recognize and respect the efforts individuals put in to earn their money and strive to make it work as hard for them as they did to earn it. One of the key reasons this company was started back in 2012 was to create opportunities for others.

The good news doesn’t end there, we will also publish opportunities and job adverts from other established companies and organizations from around the world.

Admin Assistant and Junior Agent Post

We are looking for 2 young creative professionals to join our Media Management department from September 2021. 

Minimum Requirements:

  • Matric/Grade 12; Driver’s License; Registration at Tertiary Level or Proof of Unemployment (Sworn Affidavit).

The applicant must have some idea or experience in Media Management – either through Marketing or Booking Agency. All individuals considered will undergo a Zoom Meeting Interview and Training before getting enrolled into the organization.

Successful candidates must share the same values as the company and these can be found upon going through our media kit which is attached at the bottom of every page on our website.

Applications must be sent directly to our new email address and must be submitted with your CV, ID copy and any other supporting document which can increase your chances of being selected.

The positions both have a limited basic salary and are predominantly commission based. The duration of the contract is 6 months with an option to withdraw from it at anytime.

Email Address: