When Enough is ENOUGH!

It is without a doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has put the entire globe on a stand still and has also claimed the lives of many individuals in the process. As discomforting as this is, it goes without say that South Africa as a nation is currently facing more than one pandemic, the other being Gender Based Violence.

Activists, creatives and more around the world have joined forces as an attempt to highlight the cries of women who are getting abused and killed in the hands of men.

The LivecalmAfrica organisation along with various creative groups and NPOs are joining the movement towards a better country for all and will contribute a few necessary resources needed to ensure that these cries do not go unnoticed.

We will do this collectively and in various ways to be announced in August/September 2020. 

Cry out artwork by our #Graphics Guru Lungelo ‘@that_lungstar’ Myeza.